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Text Transcription Services

The transcription can be done in the same language or in a different language based on customer’s requirements.
The transcriptions of one audio/video in a different language happens in two different phases:

Phase 1: A mother tongue watches or listens to the tape and converts the words contained in the file into written form.
Phase 2: Based on the customer request, the text can be translated into the target language from one of our professional mother tongue translators.

• Business transcription (meetings, reunions, services, seminars, conversations, conferences, ecc)
• Market research transcription (group discussions, interviews – face to face, through phone call, ecc.)
• Academic transcription (readings, seminars, researches, conversations, discourse, dissertations, PHD, ecc)
• Legal transcription (deposition, witness statements)
• Medical transcription (patients register, medical conferences, ecc.)
• Insurance transcription
• Public administration transcription
• Private and public institutions transcriptions
• Financial transcription
• Multimedia transcription
• Forms and texts transcription
• Podcast transcription

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