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Interpretative Services

IRoyal with its qualified team members highly specialised in a vast array of sectors can assist you during conference meetings, congresses, business meetings, international trade fairs, commercial negotiations and business travels abroad.

Our service of interpreting, discreet, professional and strictly aligned to high-quality standards and protocols, both in consecutive and simultaneous form, helps your business firm establish commercial relationships in the intercultural sphere according to the specific requirements of particular events.

The interpreting service is a simultaneous oral translation from one language to another, instead in the specific, a translation service implies a transition from a text written in one language to another one. In other terms, from oral to written transcription:

• Negotiation interpreting
• Simultaneous interpreting
• Consecutive interpreting
• Chuchotage
• Tribunals for interpreting service
• Conferences interpreting service
• Updating conferences interpreting service
• Press conference interpreting service
• Police interpreting service
• Telephonic interpreting service
• Video interpreting service
• Private and public interpreting services for organizations
• Financial and commercial interpreting service
• Hospital sector interpreting service

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